Who are we?

We produce clever, fresh, and unique products at EZDev LLC, emphasizing understanding, scoping, and designing user experience after assessing our users' needs.

We achieve this by combining our in-house analytics and big-data proprietary technology with years of experience in media optimization and targeting.

Our Expertise

Products for People

We designed our products with the end-user in mind. We provide a wide range of products and make sure they are accessible to everyone.

Browser Addons

We create unique browser extensions that people appreciate. Our cross-browser extensions platform allows users to enjoy them in any of their favorite browsers.

Privacy Matters

We care about our users' privacy. We'll never collect any personal data, which helps comply with local privacy laws and regulations.

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Address:913 N Market St Wilmington DE 19801

Phone:+1 (302) 208 2608

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